It's true. If 'black' is deemed the ultimate fashionable colour in that old phrase, and I want to apply it to the world of creative marketing, then 'wit' is the new trend.

Suddenly it's ok to throw a little pun out to the public, or even more risqué - a funky innuendo. Yet, what many people don't know is that 'wit' is not simply flipping the words of a title into a pun or creating sexual subtext - it's a few levels up from that. When done correctly, the audience simply feel like they're witnessing a subtle form of art.



noun. (also wits) 

The capacity for inventive thought and quick understanding; keen intelligence:


The trend to turn things all witty is happening globally in copywriting, promotional campaigns, email marketing, design, infographics and social media.

Brands are evolving to sell their stuff through thoughtfully witty marketing, rather than stiff advertising.

You'll now find wit is splashed all across the latest website designs; chatty, colloquial first person websites that don't mind having a little tongue in cheek fun. 

Wit is now a highly desirable style of menus, product names, product advertising, viral campaigns, event posters, clothing lines and even the names of branded items at a Wilko store! Wit has gone global.

As a freelancer, the amount of times I see requests pinned up on job boards for 'witty writing' and 'quirky words' is rapidly increasing, and half the time I am sure it's only there because the client is aware of this peaking trend in wit. All it takes now is for someone smart to catch on…

...Or for someone (hello) to stand out as a witty writer; someone who is a complete natural at writing in a witty way. Plus, I can play the whole nominative determinism card too!

And that's where the idea for heapswhitty Creative Communication sprung from. So if anybody asks, I was here first dammit, wearing my witty jeans proudly. No typo, I actually own a fancy pair of jeans that help me write -




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