heapswhitty Creative Communication was founded in 2016 in Norwich, England’s first UNESCO City of Literature. We are an ethical word consultancy, creation and curation business writing for clients worldwide.

Our goal is always to invest in inventing something fresh and exciting, not copy the ordinary. This is why we only work on projects we're passionate about – ethical writing to positively impact people and planet.

We were born from one writer’s imploding frustration as she read mountains of cringe-fest copywriting and endured “creative” marketing campaigns relying on puns or stock images of soulless people with their thumbs up. She was fed up.

Our founder's dream is to bring creativity, charm and wit to the frontline of content writing. To write with purpose. Respect the reader. And to highlight the value of skilled writing as a core part of content marketing, advertising and the creative industries.

Today, founding content artist – Whitney Edwards – literarily drives everything we do. Whitney ensures we are different to average agencies and copywriters, as we champion a unique style of creative communication – just check out the Whittyfesto. As for the name, heapswhitty? Whitney likes to blame it on a thing called 'nominative determinism'. Watch the video below for an explanation...


Whitney Edwards | heapswhitty Founding Content Artist

Whitney Edwards | heapswhitty Founding Content Artist

Whitney is a travelling raconteur, entrepreneur, conservationist and conversationist, who calls Australia home. Some of those she does better than others, but her aim is always to have a positive impact on people and places.

This worldly wordsmith is a Creative Writing and Communications graduate from the University of East Anglia and the University of Technology, Sydney. Greatest achievement? Cycling 100-miles to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. Shittiest milestone? Popping her own kneecap back in after failing to kayak down a Scottish white river. Of course she wrote about both experiences. Vividly. 

Whitney is currently writing short stories and traversing potential book ideas "bird by bird".