Words are beautiful tools of communication... if you know how to play with them. I've been aware of this since I was a little girl, busy scribbling new rude words into scrapbooks and doodling flowers around them. My marketing skills started young.

As a human on this earth, writing is what I do best. I love putting words in their place (much easier than people). I write with wit and I kill cliches. I craft stories and distill ideas. I am committed to communicating creatively.

But also as a human on this earth, I'm deeply concerned with how we mistreat our wellbeing, each other, and the environment.

My goal is to unearth if clever content can carve a path for positive change and cultivate greater connection to the world around us. 

This involves combating some challenges facing the written word today –

Shockingly low freelance writing rates. High writing course fees. Erosion of pubic libraries. Exclusively-affluent writing retreats. Dwindling attention spans. Agencies who keep creativity on a leash. Fast and flaky freelance "writers" delivering herds of heartless words…

Today’s writing doesn’t always reflect the world we live in, or speak to the average person. Are we all OK with this? I’m not. Neither is the reader. Audiences worldwide are gagging on the flood of gobbledygook thrown their way daily.

Collectively, I believe we can change this!

Help me grow heapswhitty into a creative force that makes quality writing friendly AND accessible.

If you're an individual, startup, charity, community, movement or brand with an important, ethical message to share – heapswhitty exists for you.

You have my word. 

Whitney Edwards
Founder & Director